Dermer Stairlifts & Mobility has a wide selection of wheelchair lifts for vans. Our experienced team has been providing reliable service to NYC for over 30 years. We service the New York area including all of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island as well as Suffolk, Nassau & Westchester Counties.

Dermer Stairlifts & Mobility features an assortment of options for wheelchair lifts for vans and scooters that are powerful, effortless, compact and adaptable. Bruno top-of-the line wheelchair lifts for vans and scooters offer the following features:

  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Flexibility
  • Highly-Maneuverable

Vans and minivans are versatile modes of transportation, and we understand that you need an easy way to maximize your seating and cargo versatility. A power wheelchair lift allows you to stow your mobility device either inside or outside your vehicle, and we have a vehicle solution to match every lifestyle. There’s no need to sacrifice the towing capacity or seating space of your van when you work with us to select the ideal electronic chair lift for your van.


Dermer Stairlifts has wheelchair lift for vehicles that were created for every lifestyle. The minivan solutions include two major styles, interior lifts and exterior lifts. The interior lifts models include the Curb-Sider and the Joey. The Outsider and the Chariot embody the exterior lifts. Each wheelchair lift for vehicles are equipped and designed with the finest detail of safety and aesthetic in mind.

For example, the Bruno Back-Off technology allows you to lift off the backrest of a mobility device allowing it to fit into shorter vehicle openings without having to remove the entire seat. Models such as the Exterior Out-Sider allow you to preserve your van or SUV’s interior trunk space as it safely transports your mobility device outside of your vehicle.



No matter what type of vehicle you have – a van, SUV, car, or truck – Dermer can help you choose the perfect power wheelchair lift to accommodate your current and future needs.

There many different models available to choose from, and we are here to help you choose the right model for your specific mobility device and vehicle. Rotation, lowering, and extension has never been easier, because our lifts are designed to reach the optimal height at the push of a button



Our wheelchair lifts for cars include the Space-Saver. The easy to take apart design allows you to transport a small scooter or wheelchair, weighing up to 200 lbs/90 kgs, in the trunk of your car. Assemble the lift, connect the docking device and the Space-Saver wheelchair lift for car trunk will lift your mobility device.

When it comes to wheelchair lifts for cars in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Suffolk and Nassau County, Bruno provides the industry leading models backed with a three-year warranty. The light capacity solutions are great wheelchairs or scooters and are ideal for sedans and other cars. Call us at 1-866-471-6536 and schedule your free no obligation, in home estimate today.

Another great electric wheelchair lift option for cars is the Chariot model, which is impossible to “jackknife” because of its technologically advanced design that allows the wheels to swivel 360 degrees. The Out-Sider, Lifter, and Back-Saver models are also perfect for sedans and give you options of transporting your mobility device either inside or out.


Power chairs lifts come in a couple basic forms, including inside lifts and outside lifts, so it’s important to understand the differences and benefits of each.

Inside lifts typically work well in car trunks, vans, and truck beds. After mounting this lift in the appropriate place, you need to wire it to the vehicle’s battery to power it. Manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and scooters can all be accommodated with an inside lift.

Meanwhile, outside lifts are installed onto a hitch that is mounted on the back of your truck, car, SUV, or van. These types of lifts are designed to be especially easy to use and minimize user exertion. Most of them work with a Class 2 or Class 3 hitch, and they can accommodate all types of wheelchairs and scooters. One popular feature of some outside lifts is a swing-away option, which allows you to easily move your lift to the side to access the trunk or tailgate. Call us today at 1-866-471-6536!


Dermer Stairlifts & Mobility has a wide selection of wheelchair lifts for cars. Our experienced team has been providing reliable service to NYC for over 30 years. We service the New York area including all of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester as well as Suffolk, Nassau & Counties. Our showroom showcases an assortment of Bruno stair lifts including wheelchair lifts for cars, platform lifts, vertical lifts and even wheelchair lift for car trunks.

Dermer Stairlifts & Mobility feature Bruno chair lift options. Wheelchair lift for car options includes the Outsider, Chariot, Space-Saver, Back-Saver and even Valet Signature Seating options. Bruno top-of-the line wheelchair lifts for cars offer the following features:

  • Widest standard platform in the industry
  • Fully-powered, single-button operation
  • Automatic folding platform when not in use
  • Easy drive on/off platform with traction coating
  • Low profile design for rear view mirror visibility
  • Mobility device securement with Hold-Tite
  • Manual back up for peace of mind
  • Lighted license plate number
  • Industry-exclusive integrated safely latch to prevent unintentional lift lowering
  • Potential to reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • 3 year warranty

Sedans are among the most popular vehicles on the road, but their limited space often poses difficulties for people with mobility issues. Many people believe that they have to trade in their favorite car when they start using a wheelchair or scooter, but in many cases, that’s simply not true.

An electronic chair lift allows you to easily transport your wheelchair or scooter behind or inside your car so that you don’t even notice it’s there! Keep your reliable set of wheels and get back on the road with one of our many vehicle lift models designed for cars.