A senior citizen shopping in a grocery store while using a discount

The Best Discounts Available for Seniors Citizens in New York

There are definitely some pitfalls to growing older, but one of the biggest perks is that life suddenly becomes a little more affordable. Senior discounts are commonly offered at restaurants, museums, theaters, vacation options, and various modes of transportation. By this point in life, you’ve earned and deserve these discounts, and they can help you live the independent and active lifestyle you want!

With a local focus on New York, here are some of the most valuable senior discounts available for older adults today.

Accessible Vacations for Seniors

Make a Summer Vacation Accessible Again!

Summer vacations are a time-honored tradition and something we look forward to at all stages of life. However, many seniors with mobility issues become intimidated by travel and start to accept that their vacation days are over.

This really is a shame because seniors have so much to gain from travel experiences, like a nice change of routine, experiencing new places, and spending time with loved ones. Summer might be nearing an end, but it’s not over yet!