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Best Fall Alert Systems for Seniors & Medical Alert Reviews

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes for injuries among seniors, which can lead to broken bones, severe bruising, concussions, and much more. This is why it’s so important to equip the elderly adult in your life with a fall detection bracelet or medical alert pendant so that help can quickly be on the way in case of a fall. Fortunately, there are many tech products that can improve senior living that can make independent living much safer for the elderly.

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Establishing a Hygiene Routine to Assist Elderly Loved Ones

Bathing and personal hygiene are very personal tasks, but ones that elderly adults with mobility challenges often need a little help with. The most important considerations are safety and ensuring that the person’s independence and personal preferences are respected during bathing routines.

Yet many children of seniors and caregivers have questions about bathing an elderly person and shower safety for elderly. So, this article will discuss how to establish a healthy bathing routine to assist the elderly with basic hygiene tasks.

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Tips to Make Your Home Accessible for People with Mobility Disabilities

According to the CDC, approximately 53 million adults in the U.S. live with a disability, and about 33 million Americans have a disability that makes it difficult to keep up with daily activities. Millions of people of all ages and backgrounds use wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and crutches to get around, and having a user-friendly home can definitely make common tasks safer and easier.

Whether you’re planning for the future or looking to accommodate houseguests, here are some tips for making your home user-friendly for people with mobility disabilities.

Bruno stair lifts help seniors navigate their homes, outdoor spaces, and vehicles with a lower risk of slip and fall accidents

Slip & Fall Accidents: Risks for the Elderly and How to Protect Your Loved One

One of the biggest risks for seniors today is slip and fall accidents. Falling can cause serious injuries for anyone, but some elderly individuals are at an even greater risk because of fragile bones, weak muscles, and compromised motor skills. Serious falls can even be life-threatening.

This article will discuss elderly safety, the increased risk that elderly individuals have of slipping and falling, and the ways that adult children and caretakers can minimize that risk as much as possible.

Smiling Husband Pushes Smiling Wife in Wheelchair Through a Field

How to Cope with a Loved One’s Unexpected Injury or Change in Mobility

Whether it is through an accident, illness, returning veterans, or old age, our mobility can change unexpectedly and without warning. When deterioration happens gradually, you may have time to adjust to bodily changes over time. But when something sudden and unfortunate happens, there is no adjustment period, and you must begin to adapt to these changes immediately.

In this article, we discuss positive ways to cope with a loved one’s unexpected injury or change in mobility and how products like wheelchair lifts can help.

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How to Overcome Mobility Challenges and Hold on to the Home You Love

The home you’ve established for you and your family is full of laughter, tears, and lifelong memories. As we grow older, those memoires only become more precious with time, and our homes become a sanctuary for preserving them.

It’s very common and understandable for seniors to become attached to their homes because they’ve lived so much of their adult lives in them. But unfortunately, many seniors face being moved into a nursing home or assisted living facility due to limited mobility.

Are Your Aging Parents Still Safe at Home?

With advances in modern medicine and viable treatments for many chronic conditions, we are living longer and establishing expectations of remaining independent well into our golden years. Aging in place certainly has its benefits, but it is not always the safest option available as our minds and bodies begin to change with age.

It can be difficult to assess whether your mother or father is having difficulty managing the household because pride often gets in the way of safe judgement.

Sit & Stay Fit: Exercises for the Mobility Impaired with the Help of a Platform Stairlift

Some people mistakenly think that they cannot exercise enough to stay heart healthy when they are wheelchair-bound and require a platform stairlift. When in reality, there are exercises that can be performed from a wheelchair not only to keep heart healthy, but also maintain the rest of their body strong and fit. If you are mobility impaired, check out some of these effective exercises that are ideal for those who are wheelchair-bound. Always confirm with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen.

A Platform Stairlift for Well-Being & Independence

If there is one convenience that is used today and should be a part of every home or building with stairs, it is the platform stairlift. Any person with a difficulty or a disability that desires to maintain their independence and mobility for everyday activities will especially appreciate the finest collection of platform stairlifts now viewed online through the company web site of Dermer Stairlifts.

Similar to conventional chairlifts, a platform stairlift can make life a lot more pleasant for those who are mobility- challenged or wheelchair-bound.

Stay Safe with These Winter Safety Tips

Winter has been brutal this year, and it doesn’t seem as though the first signs of spring will appear anytime soon. As you wrap yourself up in plenty of layers and cozy up in front of the fireplace, be sure to keep these winter safety tips in-mind too so that you can enjoy the spring when it does arrive.

Clear Snow and Ice On Sidewalks

While taking the time to clear away the snow and ice might be irritating,