Elderly Health Tips

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Adaptive Clothing for Elderly Adults & Disabled Clothing Options

From a very early age, we are taught that dressing ourselves and is an important step towards independence and self-reliance. But seemingly simple tasks, like getting dressed in the morning, can pose huge challenges due to injuries, illnesses, and just getting older.

This is an overview of what adaptive clothing is, the disabled clothing options available today, and how adaptive clothing for elderly individuals can help maintain independence.

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Tips to Better Care for A Senior Parent in Your Home

Let’s say that your elderly mom, dad, or another loved one suffers from an injury or illness and is required to spend some time in the hospital. He or she is now doing much better but still, requires some extra help with daily tasks. Fortunately, you are there to help out, but perhaps you’re also concerned that your home isn’t as mobility-friendly as it needs to be on such short notice.

Although you may not have a home that’s fully equipped to accommodate your loved one for the long term,

Long-Distance Caregiving Strategies for Senior Parents

According to a New York Times report, the average American only lives about 18 miles from his or her parents. If this describes your current family situation, then perhaps you’re in a position to take care of your elderly parents on a regular basis. But for adults who have moved away from their hometowns or whose parents travel south for milder winters, caregiving can be more of a challenge.

Here are some strategies for long-distance caregiving if you don’t live close to your elderly mom or dad.

The Pros & Cons of Sending the Senior You Love to a Nursing Home

With the fall season just around the corner and work and school schedules back to normal, many people aren’t as free as they were in the summer to take care of elderly loved ones. At this time of year, lots of families are wondering if it’s finally time to consider a nursing home or whether less drastic measures could help elderly members remain at home instead. Nursing homes are the best options for some families, while they never seem to work out well for others.

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Quick & Easy Recipes to Help Seniors to Get the Nutrition They Need

In an effort to provide helpful senior home safety tips that can be used in daily life, we recently wrote about how seniors with limited mobility can access groceries and healthy food. Many older adults struggle to get the nutrition they need and to eat healthy meals on a regular basis because of how much effort it takes.

So today, we are sharing three of our favorite recipes that are quick, easy, healthy, and delicious – for breakfast,

Citranella Candle in a Backyard

How Seniors Can Protect Themselves from Mosquitoes and Other Summer Pests

Summer is a beautiful time for seniors to get outside and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise. But as seniors in New York know all too well, summer is also a prime time for mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, and other flying pests. Seniors who have weakened immune systems, complex health conditions, or who take certain medications can be more susceptible to illnesses caused by common insects.

But it would be a shame to stay indoors and not enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the season!

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How to Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe in Hot Summer Weather

Elderly adults in New York have undoubtedly lived through many seasons of extreme weather and have the stories to prove it. But as our bodies change with age, hot temperatures affect us in more profound ways.

Here are some ways that you can keep the senior citizen in your life safe this summer, no matter how high the temperatures rise.

Vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs allow seniors to safely enter and exit their vehicle and securely

How Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Access Groceries and Healthy Food

Having access to healthy and delicious food is something that many of us take for granted. But for senior citizens who have trouble getting around, shopping for groceries is one of the hardest parts of life. Because of issues like this, many adult children encourage their parents to move to assisted living communities. However, there are alternative solutions for getting good food without sacrificing one’s happiness and independence.

Here are some suggestions for how seniors who have mobility issues can get the nutrition they need and the delicious foods they deserve.

Loved ones can encourage seniors to consider Bruno stairlifts and other in-home mobility devices

The Harmful Effects of Prolonged Sitting and How Seniors Can Stay Active

Whether you’re a student, work in an office, or are a senior with limited mobility, sitting all day long has many harmful health effects. Many seniors live sedentary lifestyles, but this can actually make their existing physical and mental conditions worse.

Here’s how sitting for long periods of time negatively affects the human body and how seniors can stay active even if they have physical limitations. With home modifications, like Bruno stair lifts, older adults can live a fulfilling life of activity and wellbeing.

Act now and take a proactive approach with small adjustments to help your elder parent age with grace

The CAPABLE Project: How It Can Help Seniors on Their Own Terms


An exciting research study called CAPABLE (Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders) is being conducted to help seniors live safely and comfortably in their homes for longer. It’s a five-month program that focuses on creative outreach and physical function in-home services performed by teams of outreach workers, occupational therapists, nurses, and handymen. Ultimately, this valuable research has begun to illustrate how seniors who are on a low-income budget or a small pension can still live independently in their own homes with just a little help.