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5 Common Problems Faced by Wheelchair Users and How You Can Help

There’s no denying that life in a wheelchair can be challenging. Friends, family members, and caregivers of individuals who use wheelchairs see many of these struggles first-hand, yet other wheelchair problems are often ignored or go unnoticed. In this article, we’re looking at common barriers for wheelchair users that you might not have thought about and how you can help a loved one with wheelchair user difficulties.

1. Difficulty Using Public and Personal Transportation

Traveling and simply running errands around town can feel like a nightmare to a new wheelchair user.

Fit young woman doing leg exercises

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Legs

Dermer Stairlifts is a trusted NYC stairlifts dealer that has been providing state of the art lifts for over 15 years and aims to give people with limited mobility a chance to get around their own home again. If you want to strengthen your legs and get in better shape, you should develop a smart routine. With this in mind, here are the top five leg exercises to build strength.


First and foremost,

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Indoor Stairlifts: The Elite, Elan & Curved Stairlift

There are many situations in which it can be beneficial to have a stairlift in one’s home. Generally, stairlifts are installed when a person residing within the home suffers from limited mobility. Either they have a difficult time getting around or they are confined to a wheelchair, power scooter, or similar device. In some cases, the costs of such a stairlift may even be covered by a person’s medical insurance. Otherwise, there are affordable options and payment plans that can be worked out with most stairlift installation companies as a way of making these readily available to anybody who may need them.

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Products Dermer Stairlifts offers

If going up and down the stairs is becoming exhausting or painful, or is actually impossible ,then it may be time to consider investing in a stairlift. Dermer Stairlifts, a Long Island, Westchester and New York City’s leading stairlifts dealer, can provide the ideal product to suit your specific needs and budgets.


This affordable and comfortable stairlift is an excellent choice for those looking for a smooth ride up and down a straight staircase.

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Dermer Stairlifts offers Free Stair Lift Installation

Dermer Stairlifts is a company that supplies stair lift services to Nassau County, and the five borrows. Dermer Stairlifts has been an official Bruno stairlift dealer and installer in the greater New York area for 15 years.

For the 50 million people in the United States — roughly one in five — suffering from a physical disability, a stairlift can help more people stay in their homes and live independently. A stairlift is especially useful for seniors and their family members.

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Make your house a real home again with Dermer Stairlifts

Home sweet home. There’s no place like home. Home is where the heart is. No matter how it’s said, home is an essential part in every ones  lives. Its in homes where memories are made, families are built and life takes on meaning. A home is where lives take place and comfort and security exist.

On the other hand, a house can be simply a structure, someplace to reside but not really connect to. When people lose their mobility,

Dermer Stairlifts : A full service certified Bruno Stair Lift dealer

A stair lift made by Bruno is always a fine piece of craftsmanship for commercial and residential use. At Dermer Stairlifts we take great pride in having our stairlifts manufactured by Bruno, a well known and respected manufacturer. Customers can choose from a variety of Bruno-built stairlifts. Bruno products are all made in the USA so you can rest assured that what you’re buying are built to last. That’s why Dermer Stairlifts partners with the Bruno Organization to offer top of the line stairlifts.