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The Best Discounts Available for Seniors Citizens in New York

There are definitely some pitfalls to growing older, but one of the biggest perks is that life suddenly becomes a little more affordable. Senior discounts are commonly offered at restaurants, museums, theaters, vacation options, and various modes of transportation. By this point in life, you’ve earned and deserve these discounts, and they can help you live the independent and active lifestyle you want!

With a local focus on New York, here are some of the most valuable senior discounts available for older adults today.

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How to Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe in Hot Summer Weather

Elderly adults in New York have undoubtedly lived through many seasons of extreme weather and have the stories to prove it. But as our bodies change with age, hot temperatures affect us in more profound ways.

Here are some ways that you can keep the senior citizen in your life safe this summer, no matter how high the temperatures rise.

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Understanding the Laws and Regulations for Disabled Drivers

It is entirely possible, safe, and even beneficial for adults with physical handicaps to operate their own motor vehicles. Special modifications are available for installation, and vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs make it easier to enter and exit vehicles of all types. Adaptive technology has greatly improved in recent years, allowing handicapped drivers to operate their vehicles affordably and efficiently.

However, there are certain regulations that disabled drivers must comply with to operate vehicles according to state and federal laws.

Vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs allow seniors to safely enter and exit their vehicle and securely

How Seniors with Limited Mobility Can Access Groceries and Healthy Food

Having access to healthy and delicious food is something that many of us take for granted. But for senior citizens who have trouble getting around, shopping for groceries is one of the hardest parts of life. Because of issues like this, many adult children encourage their parents to move to assisted living communities. However, there are alternative solutions for getting good food without sacrificing one’s happiness and independence.

Here are some suggestions for how seniors who have mobility issues can get the nutrition they need and the delicious foods they deserve.

While at home, an outdoor stair lift can help your loved one safely go up and down outdoor steps

Benefits and Risks of Outdoor Activities for the Elderly this Spring

After a long winter in the Northeast, many of us can’t wait to get outside and active in the warmer temperatures and longer days this spring. If you care for an elderly family member, there are many benefits to spending time outdoors together. But there are also health and safety risks that you should be aware of. Fortunately, assistive technology, like the Bruno stair lift, can make outdoor time safer for your family member even when you’re not together.

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Wheel Chair Lifts for Cars: Pros, Cons & the Best Option for Your Loved One


These days, there are many different options available for helping your loved one get around easier. Not only can family members with mobility issues use assistive technology to get around the house, but into and out of vehicles as well.

If your loved one can easily access and ride in a vehicle, it will make going to doctor’s appointments, social events, and shopping errands so much easier. Here is a comparison of the different types of wheelchair lifts for cars,

Loved ones can encourage seniors to consider Bruno stairlifts and other in-home mobility devices

The Harmful Effects of Prolonged Sitting and How Seniors Can Stay Active

Whether you’re a student, work in an office, or are a senior with limited mobility, sitting all day long has many harmful health effects. Many seniors live sedentary lifestyles, but this can actually make their existing physical and mental conditions worse.

Here’s how sitting for long periods of time negatively affects the human body and how seniors can stay active even if they have physical limitations. With home modifications, like Bruno stair lifts, older adults can live a fulfilling life of activity and wellbeing.

Bruno stair lifts help seniors navigate their homes, outdoor spaces, and vehicles with a lower risk of slip and fall accidents

Slip & Fall Accidents: Risks for the Elderly and How to Protect Your Loved One

One of the biggest risks for seniors today is slip and fall accidents. Falling can cause serious injuries for anyone, but some elderly individuals are at an even greater risk because of fragile bones, weak muscles, and compromised motor skills. Serious falls can even be life-threatening.

This article will discuss elderly safety, the increased risk that elderly individuals have of slipping and falling, and the ways that adult children and caretakers can minimize that risk as much as possible.

Act now and take a proactive approach with small adjustments to help your elder parent age with grace

The CAPABLE Project: How It Can Help Seniors on Their Own Terms


An exciting research study called CAPABLE (Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders) is being conducted to help seniors live safely and comfortably in their homes for longer. It’s a five-month program that focuses on creative outreach and physical function in-home services performed by teams of outreach workers, occupational therapists, nurses, and handymen. Ultimately, this valuable research has begun to illustrate how seniors who are on a low-income budget or a small pension can still live independently in their own homes with just a little help.

tech, like bruno stair lifts, can assist senior citizens in living more independently in their homes

Seniors & Home Assistant Technologies: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about advancements in home assistant technology, and everyone from teenagers to seniors is being targeted with their marketing campaigns. While some seniors are hesitant about trying new technology, others are hopeful that it may help make daily activities more manageable and enable them to live independently in their own homes.

Here are some pros and cons for home assistant technologies for seniors and some other alternatives to consider, such as Bruno stair elevators.