Handicap Vehicle Transfer Seats by Bruno

Bruno’s Valet Signature Seating – Handicap Vehicle Transfer Seats

At Dermer Stairlifts we strive to ease that burden of aging by using Bruno technology to renew and restore your independence, this includes driving. At the press of a button, Bruno’s transfer seat options make entering and exiting vehicles effortlessly. Our valet seating products contain a variety of features intended to meet your specific needs.

When many people hear the term “valet,” they think of leaving their car with an attendant to handle the hassle of parking. Bruno’s Valet Signature Seating embodies this same type of convenience and ease by making it easier than ever before to get into and out of vehicles.


Choosing the Turning Automotive Seat That’s Right for You

Bruno is the premier manufacturer of turning automotive seats and vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs that enhance the lives of people with limited mobility. As a family-owned business that takes pride in the quality and safety of its products, Bruno is the company of choice for many different types of the vehicle seat and wheelchair vehicle lift options.

However, it is beneficial to learn about the various types of products available so you can choose the best one for yourself or a loved one. Here is some detailed information about Bruno’s different valet seating options, including key features and recommended uses. There are three popular vehicle seating options that we’d like to highlight here. Each of them offers comfort, ease of use, and uncompromising safety.


Valet Plus

The most versatile transfer seat in Bruno’s line of Valet Signature Seating is the Valet Plus. This product is The most versatile option in Bruno’s line of Valet Signature Seating is the Valet Plus.pre-programmed to rotate, extend, and lower to the appropriate height with just the press of a button.

The Valet Plus has a full recline with levers on both sides of the seat and an integrated flip-up footrest. To use this product, you must be able to transfer onto a seat, hold down a button, manage your feet and legs while entering and exiting the vehicle, and move your head to clear the doorway if necessary.

Multiple color choices are available in fabric or optional Ultraleather Plus, and the seat is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Your original car seat is left unmodified, and the product can be easily installed into another vehicle as well. Optional features that make this option special include the therapeutic seat heater, armrests for added comfort, and a posture belt or vest for extra support.


Valet Limited

The Valet Limited is Bruno’s premium handicap transfer seat, and this one offers more features than any The Valet Limited is Bruno’s premium seating option, and this one offers more features than any otherother automotive seat. It has a sleek appearance and provides a luxurious ride that’s second to none. This fully powered option rotates, extends, and moves up and down with one-button operation via a hand-held control. It comes with an integrated footrest and armrests and has an automatic recline to provide head clearance as the seat passes through the door frame.

Optional features that you can choose include Metro Tech Fabric or Ultraleather Plus in standard black or other colors, as well as a positioning belt and posture vest. The physical requirements of using this product are similar to those of the Valet Plus; however, the Limited model doesn’t require you to move your head for doorway clearance.


Valet LV

Another excellent vehicle option for individuals with limited mobility is the Valet LV model, which is specially made for sedans. While the other two transfer seat models are commonly recommended for vans and SUVs, this one eliminates the challenge of twisting to get into and out of a standard car. It has a manual seat slider that extends the seat beyond the door frame and fully powered rotation controlled by a one-button hand control.

Like the other two options, this one also leaves your original seat unmodified, has a manual backup system, is easy to care for, and comes in multiple fabric and color options. It has all of the user requirements of the Valet Plus, but it also requires users to be able to operate the manual seat slider.

To learn more about these three Valet seating options or get some advice about the right one for your needs, call your local Bruno dealer, Dermer Stairlifts. We can set you up with the best seating option to match your mobility needs, as well as vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs to make getting around safe, easy, and fun.


Highlights to a Reliable and Economical Choice – The Bruno Choice

  • Fully powered: rotates, extends, moves up/down
  • One-button operation via hand-held control
  • Power forward/backward
  • Full recline with levers on both sides of seat
  • Integrated flip-up footrest
  • Scratch resistant, easy-to-clean materials
  • Multiple color choices in fabric or optional UltraleatherTM Plus
  • Original seat is unmodified; easily reinstalled
  • Long-lasting: reinstall in another applicable vehicle
  • Safe: meets or exceeds applicable federal safety standards
  • Manual backup system for peace of mind
  • Eligible for auto manufacturer potential rebates


Valet Seating User Requirements

  • Transfer on to seat
  • Hold down a button on a hand-held control
  • Manage legs/feet while getting in/out of vehicle
  • Recline seat and move head to clear doorway if needed