Outdoor – video section


  • Up to 400-pound capacity
  • Designed for the exterior with the same quality and comfort as the indoor models
  • Tested for use in temperatures ranging from 0ºF to 125ºF (-15ºC to 52ºC)
  • Direct drive motor/gear box
  • Rolls on urethane wheels powered by rack and pinion movement which provides the smoothest ride of any outdoor lift
  • Travels an average of 25-32 feet per minute and is adjustable to your liking
  • Powered by two 12-volt batteries and a 2 amp outlet powered charger for continuous use, even during a power outage
  • Automatic stop safety touch sensors on the footrest and carriage
  • Special status visual computer and audio diagnostics on board and on rail for proper operation and service
  • Straight vertical rails – 2 ½” wide honeycombed anodized aluminum rail installs within 7” inches of the wall providing plenty of room for others going up and down the stairs
  • Curved – vertical powder-coated steel rail design 7″ from walls, which leaves plenty of room for others
  • Inverted hidden gear rack on the rail provides the safest and most effortless rail to clean in the industry
  • Seat, arms and footrest fold up providing extra space for others using the stairs when not in use
  • Extra protection from the elements with the weather resistant cover system built to travel with the chair (portable/removable on curved systems – built-in on straight systems)
  • Easy entry and exit with the offset pin swivel seat, arms can be raised for easy wheelchair transfer
  • Comes with two key locked wireless call/send remote controls as well as a key locked armrest rocker switch
  • Soft start and soft stop feature provides the safest seamless motion when starting and stopping the chair
  • Large super plush contoured seat and back with adjustable height and armrest positions
  • Marine-grade vinyl upholstery and all stainless steel hardware specifically made for outdoor conditions
  • Extra large handles to manually swivel and lift the footrest
  • Retractable seatbelt also for your comfort


  • Optional park positions at both the top and bottom for better storage when not in use. Top park alleviates the need to swivel at all