Elite – video section


  • Up to 400-pound capacity
  • Powered by two 12-volt batteries and outlet power for continuous use, even during a power outage
  • Audio/visual diagnostics on board for proper operation and service
  • Travels an average 25 feet per minute
  • Safety sensors will stop the unit whenever an obstruction is encountered
  • Large padded seat, back, and armrests with adjustable arm width and retractable seat belt
  • Set seat height and leg rest height independently of each other
  • Two wireless call/send remote controls
  • Locking offset swivel seat makes entering and exiting easy
  • Safest, quietest, and easiest rail to clean in the industry
  • Seamless start and stop motion and smoothest ride in the industry
  • Seat, arms and footrest flip up allowing plenty of space for others
  • Straight rail installs within four to six inches of the wall depending on mouldings


  • Five different upgrade¬†upholstery choices including leather or you can use your own fabric
  • Power folding footrest will flip up automatically when the seat is raised
  • Larger seat and footrest available for custom fit
  • Power or manual folding rails if end of rail interferes with a doorway
  • Effortless exit from the power swivel seat
  • Commercial packages available
  • Commercial packages with permits provided as well