Stairs in winter

How to Protect Your Outdoor Stairlift During the Winter

An outdoor stairlift is a wonderful addition to the home of a senior or anyone who has limited mobility. These types of stair lifts for elderly and mobility challenged individuals are great to make going up and down outdoor steps easy, safe, and hassle-free.

But many people who use them, especially those who endure our harsh New York winters, worry about stairlift maintenance and stairlift servicing due to cold and snowy weather. This article will provide tips about how to protect your outdoor stair lift during the winter to keep it functioning well all throughout the year.

Utilize Stairlift Covers

One of the best ways (and probably the easiest way) to protect your stairlift during the winter is to simply cover it up when it’s not in use. For example, Bruno’s Outdoor Elite stairlift comes with a cover to protect it when you don’t need it. This cover is waterproof and provides weather protection no matter what the conditions are outside. If you’re shopping for a new outdoor stair lift, make sure it comes with a cover that can withstand ice, snow, and temperatures below freezing.

Prevent Rust and Other Weather Damage

Outdoor stairlifts are built to withstand winter weather, no matter what the forecast has in store. The materials that our outdoor stairlifts are made from are designed to get wet and cold. But there are additional ways that you can increase the longevity of stair lifts for elderly. First, make sure that your stairlift is finished with durable outdoor paint to stay protected against the elements of nature. Also, rust can be prevented by covering the stairlift up during wet conditions because rust forms when iron, water, and oxygen mix together.

Stairlift Maintenance Tips

Perhaps you or the senior in your life isn’t using the outdoor stair lift as frequently right now because it’s cold and wet outside. That’s understandable! But without regular use and attention, a stair lift, just like any piece of outdoor equipment, could develop issues over time. This is why it’s important to take a look at the stairlift from time to time during the winter and test it to ensure that it is working properly when needed.

Help with Stairlift Servicing

At Dermer Stairlifts, we don’t just sell you a durable and weather-resistant outdoor stair lift. We follow up with ongoing service and maintenance for your outdoor stair lift during all seasons, including the winter. Our menu of stairlift servicing options includes battery replacement, rail shortening and extensions, noise reductions, motor replacements, and fabric replacements. We can also help you with remote control issues, extended warranties, annual service recommendations, and removal and reinstallation if you move to another home.

Unlike many companies, we are in this with you every step of the way to make stairs less of a burden for you or the one you love. We’re more than happy to come to you in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester for estimates, installation, service requests, and routine maintenance. If your outdoor stairlift has suffered a little winter damage or could simply use a check-up to make sure it’s in good working order, give us a call at 866-454-3896.