Mom recovering at her daughter's home

Tips to Better Care for A Senior Parent in Your Home

Let’s say that your elderly mom, dad, or another loved one suffers from an injury or illness and is required to spend some time in the hospital. He or she is now doing much better but still, requires some extra help with daily tasks. Fortunately, you are there to help out, but perhaps you’re also concerned that your home isn’t as mobility-friendly as it needs to be on such short notice.

Although you may not have a home that’s fully equipped to accommodate your loved one for the long term, there are many minor adjustments that you can make to make the visit both beneficial and enjoyable. The purpose of this article is to discuss ways that you can make your home safer and more comfortable for your elderly loved one during a time of recovery.

Reorganize the Rooms of Your Home

If your guest bedroom is upstairs, it may be beneficial to set up a temporary bedroom in the living room or other ground-level space with a pull-out couch that’s close to a bathroom. However, you’ll also want to consider your loved one’s privacy and create a space that respects that. To eliminate the need to bend over and reach for items, make sure to reorganize commonly used items in your home so that your senior doesn’t have to strain unnecessarily. If the road to recovery takes longer than initially expected, you may need to make additional home modifications that are more permanent over time.

Make Adjustments to the Bathroom

The bathroom is a very common area for slips and falls, but fortunately, there are easy and inexpensive ways to make your bathroom safer for a recovering loved one. Pick up some grab bars at your local home store or hardware store and install them by the shower, bathtub, toilet, and walkways. Also, make sure to secure rugs to the floor to prevent slippage, and pick up any household clutter that could be tripped over.

Create a Cozy and Familiar Recovery Room

During the recovery period, your loved one may be uncomfortable, sad, angry, or in pain. So, beyond the simple household upgrades, it’s important to create a recovery space that’s cozy, comfortable, and familiar. Designate a comfortable chair that isn’t necessarily too soft or that sinks in too much because these can be difficult for seniors to get out of. Make sure that all of the things your senior needs are easily accessible, such as medication, snacks, reading material, and the TV remote control. You can also add a few family photographs, soothing pieces of artwork, or some houseplants to the space to make it feel more like home.

Install an Affordable Stairlift

Many families have multi-level homes with bedrooms on the upper floors and common areas on the ground floor. This arrangement can pose issues for your elderly loved one when it comes time to transition from meals, social time, and bedtime. One solution that’s easier and more affordable than you might think is to install a stairlift to provide your loved one with a smooth ride from top to bottom. For example, the Bruno Elan Stairlift is a great choice for children of elderly parents who want to accommodate mobility issues without remodeling their entire homes. This stairlift is powered by an outlet and also two 12-volt batteries, so it’s a dependable solution even in case of a power outage. It also runs on a quiet rail and gear system, has a soft start and stop, and folds up to hide the chair when it’s not in use. Contact us to learn more about this mobility-friendly option so that you’re prepared in case you are needed to provide accommodations and assistance for a loved one in the future.