Act now and take a proactive approach with small adjustments to help your elder parent age with grace

The CAPABLE Project: How It Can Help Seniors on Their Own Terms


An exciting research study called CAPABLE (Community Aging in Place – Advancing Better Living for Elders) is being conducted to help seniors live safely and comfortably in their homes for longer. It’s a five-month program that focuses on creative outreach and physical function in-home services performed by teams of outreach workers, occupational therapists, nurses, and handymen. Ultimately, this valuable research has begun to illustrate how seniors who are on a low-income budget or a small pension can still live independently in their own homes with just a little help.

Let’s take a look at what researchers hope to accomplish with the CAPABLE project and how the results may affect tough decisions adult children must make for their elderly parents.

The Problem with Independent Senior Living Costs

With the growing elderly population in America today and the state of healthcare in this country, independent senior living costs can be unmanageable for older adults. Many elderly men and women require help with basic self-care tasks like walking, bathing, and getting dressed. And unfortunately, the current medical system is unable to keep up with these increasing demands.

How CAPABLE Can Help

Sons and daughters of senior citizens are often forced to make family-related decisions based on the economic status of their parents and themselves. The results of the CAPABLE project stand to change the decision-making process for adult children of the elderly by adding more options to the table.

Based on preliminary data, 79 percent of low-income CAPABLE participants improved their own self-care practices with just small amounts of help. As an added bonus, many participants were able to rise above depression without the use of medication as their self-care improved.

This means that you may not have bear the financial and emotional burden of admitting your elderly parent to a nursing home, hospital, or assisted care facility just yet. Not only can small improvements in your parent’s life help them be happier and save money, but they also take some of the burdens off of the strained healthcare system.

For example, some of the benefits of implementing this type of program in local communities include improved medication management, problem-solving ability, strength, balance, nutrition, and home safety. CAPABLE was piloted in Baltimore, but its principles could easily be applied to cities, small towns, and rural areas across the country. The increased opportunities would also create jobs in local communities and help to stimulate the economy.

Assistive Technology for Senior Independence

Certain types of assistive technology, such as the Bruno stair lift, are the types of small adjustments that the researchers have found to be effective in the lives of the elderly. We have been serving Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, and Suffolk for over 15 years with Bruno stair lifts that make a huge difference in an elderly parent’s daily life.

Promising senior projects, like CAPABLE, take time to be implemented effectively; however, you don’t have to wait for a new program to reach your community. Act now and take a proactive approach with small adjustments to help your elder parent, age with grace and continue living a fulfilling and independent life.