tech, like bruno stair lifts, can assist senior citizens in living more independently in their homes

Seniors & Home Assistant Technologies: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about advancements in home assistant technology, and everyone from teenagers to seniors is being targeted with their marketing campaigns. While some seniors are hesitant about trying new technology, others are hopeful that it may help make daily activities more manageable and enable them to live independently in their own homes.

Here are some pros and cons for home assistant technologies for seniors and some other alternatives to consider, such as Bruno stair elevators.

Types of Home Assistant Technology

Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are two of the most popular types of home assistant technologies. You can use these technologies to turn on and off devices, such as lights and stereos, and build in custom commands. Using a Bluetooth speaker to connect users with a personal digital assistant, these devices can do everything from play music to call a cab and check the weather.

Both Amazon Echo and Google Home use voice activation to control music, searches, and integrated smart home devices. Therefore, these technologies are often most useful for individuals who already have other smart technologies in their homes, such as door locks, thermostats, and lights. Based on user reviews, Google Home tends to be more conversational, while Amazon’s assistant named Alexa works with more products and services.

Selling Points for Seniors

There are many ways that home assistant technology can help seniors retain their independence and live more satisfying lives. Seniors who have mobility problems may find it easier to make verbal commands to a technology assistant instead of getting up to control them manually. Seniors who are isolated may also find comfort in having an “assistant” to talk to and alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Drawbacks for Seniors

However, there are some things that seniors should consider before investing in a new home assistant technology system. These are high-tech devices that may be intimidating to seniors who do not receive adequate training to use them. Seniors with memory problems may forget the commands they set or how to activate devices in their home. The cost of this technology may also be prohibitive to seniors who are on limited or fixed incomes.

Technological Alternatives to Home Assistants

It’s also important to realize that while new technology may be exciting, it’s not necessarily for everyone. There are many other useful types of technologies that may be easier and more convenient for seniors to use for similar benefits, including Bruno stair elevators.

With an increasing number of seniors wishing to forgo moving into apartments, assisted living, and nursing home facilities so they can continue living on their own, the need for Bruno stair elevators has grown rapidly. For seniors in need of help getting up and down the stairs, an investment in a Bruno stair elevator can vastly improve their quality of life and sense of independence.

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