Seniors sitting at dinner table with their family

How to Overcome Mobility Challenges and Hold on to the Home You Love

The home you’ve established for you and your family is full of laughter, tears, and lifelong memories. As we grow older, those memoires only become more precious with time, and our homes become a sanctuary for preserving them.

It’s very common and understandable for seniors to become attached to their homes because they’ve lived so much of their adult lives in them. But unfortunately, many seniors face being moved into a nursing home or assisted living facility due to limited mobility. Seniors in this position may feel unsafe, anxious, or burdensome living alone in the houses they love, but their quality of life could decline once they’re separated from the memories that have shaped their lives.

Fortunately, there are some alternative options, such as the Elan Stairlift, that allow seniors to stay in their homes and remain safe, independent, and happy.

Family In-Home Care

Sometimes family members who grew up in the house or have developed a special connection to it over the years would welcome the opportunity to move back in. Seniors should be open with their family members and friends about their mobility concerns and be open-minded to receiving help from familiar faces.

Hired In-Home Care

Due to distance, the nature of relationships, and other obligations, seniors don’t always have a family member who can fill this role. Caring and professional senior service companies can provide hired help to take care of many different aspects of life. Full service agencies typically cost more but take care of all the details, while independent providers may be more affordable but come with additional qualification verification, reference checking, and tax and social security requirements. Good places to start looking for hired help include your local agency on aging, Eldercare resources, and senior centers.

Specialized Assistance

Sometimes seniors only need help with a couple aspects of daily life to remain in their homes but are otherwise fully capable. Specialized services are available to help seniors with individual needs, such as personal hygiene, homemaking, cooking, transportation, and money management. Perhaps Meals on Wheels or a hired driver are all you need to stay in your home for now. Before enlisting the help of someone full-time, consider these types of individual needs and take care of them if and when they become problematic.

Mobility-Assisting Technology

Technology can never replace the valuable assistance of a helping hand, but it can fill in the gaps of care and help seniors maintain their autonomy to age in place. Home modifications are one of the best ways to remain living in the home you love. Medical alert systems and video monitoring may also provide security when mobility is a concern.

Bruno Stairlifts, like the Elan Stairlift, help seniors navigate their favorite rooms without fear of falling and becoming injured. Going up and down the stairs has never been so easy, smooth, quiet, or reasonably priced.

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