5 Benefits of Using a Vehicle Lift on Your Car or Truck

Using a wheelchair or scooter can drastically improve your mobility and help you maintain independence in your daily life. However, getting into and out of vehicles is still a common challenge among people who use mobility aids.

Vehicle lifts make it easy to transport your wheelchair or scooter no matter what kind of vehicle you have. So if you use a mobility device to get around, consider these five benefits of using a vehicle lift on your car or truck.

Convenience to Go Anywhere

Who says you can’t go wherever you want to in a wheelchair or scooter?

With our convenient and easy-to-install vehicle lifts, you can go where you want (when you want to!) safely and efficiently. We have lifts that were created for every lifestyle, including the Out-sider, Chariot, Space-Saver, Back-Saver, and Valet Signature Seating options.

Ensure Personal Safety

Another huge benefit to installing and using a vehicle lift on your car, truck or van is personal safety. Enjoy peace of mind with Hold-Tite mobility device securement, manual back-up, and an industry-exclusive integrated safely latch to prevent unintentional lift lowering.

Save Space Inside Your Car

Whether you’re going on a long road trip or just running errands around town, having ample space inside your car is important. Our wheelchair lifts for cars are expertly designed to take up a minimal amount of space so you have more room for your luggage, grocery bags, and passengers. The Bruno Chariot model is great for sedans because it allows you to transport up to 350 pounds safely behind your car.

Preserve Cargo Space in Your Truck Bed

Chances are that the reason you own a truck is because you sometimes need to haul cargo. Our wheelchair lifts for trucks are ideal because you don’t have to waste precious cargo space in your truck bed. Bruno’s Curb-Sider and Out-Rider models are perfect for truck owners because you can transport your scooter or easily powerchair behind your truck.

Simplify Your Life

Many types of technology make life more complicated and cluttered; however, vehicle stairlift technology actually brings a refreshing simplicity back to your daily life. Our Bruno top-of-the-line vehicle lifts are fully powered with single-button operation and an automatic folding platform when it’s not in use.

At Dermer, we have a full line of Bruno vehicle lifts and valet seating designed to fit most vehicles. We have been serving Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester and Suffolk for over 15 years, and we make it easy to transport yourself and your set of wheels wherever you want to go!

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