5 Tips to Getting Active this Spring with a Bruno Stairlift: Staten Island Offers Many Options

Being wheelchair bound doesn’t mean you have to give up your independence. Wheelchair owners across the nation have discovered that with the right technology, no room in their homes is off-limits. A Bruno stairlift can help those confined to a wheelchair with additional mobility and independence. The installation is easy, and the ride from top to bottom is both safe and smooth. The best Bruno Stairlift Staten Island has to offer is affordable and comes with a robust slew of options.

The Most Health-Conscious Bruno Stairlift Staten Island Has To Offer


Prevent Injuries to Stay Active
Attempting to go up and down a staircase without the aid of a stairlift should you have limited mobility, is both dangerous and can result in injuries. A Bruno Stairlift can help keep you safe, and make it possible to stay more active by conserving your energy for more important tasks. A stairlift can help you prevent getting injured, which could then prevent you from participating in physical activity in the incoming warm weather.

Better Sleep and Productivity
Most people confined to a wheelchair tend to keep the upstairs devoted to sleeping, while staying in the downstairs area to get work done and relax. However, this limits what you can do with your free time. If you’re thirsty in the middle of the night, you can simply get into your Bruno stairlift and make a quick trip downstairs for a drink. Installing the most convenient Bruno stairlift Staten Island has to offer at Dermer Stailifts makes it easier to get around your house and participate in a wider range of activities. Now you can clean your home, use exercises equipment upstairs and keep your entertainment options downstairs.

Regain Your Freedom
Studies on the effects of stair lifts on individuals have shown that 92 percent of people who own a stairlift are able to increase their freedom. 75 percent of people, who live in a single room, tend to stay in that room. The stairlift helps you regain your independence and gets you moving around your house. Even basic movements can increase circulation and improve your metabolism and overall health. It’s been shown that people who sit all day burn nearly half as few calories as people that move around. The simple act of moving upstairs and downstairs can increase your level of health and improve your overall feelings of happiness.

Carry Items Using a Stairlift
One of the great things about a stairlift is that you can work your upper body, even if your lower body is at a disadvantage. A Bruno Stairlift can help you carry items up and down the stairs, promoting movement and giving you better control over your environment.

Leg Exercises
Since a stairlift provides a belt to buckle you in, it’s also a good time to perform some basic movements with your legs. Once you get settled in, pull each leg up as close to your chest as comfortable and hold the position for a few seconds. If you do this with each leg before you ride up and down the stairs, it will help relax your back and improve your circulation. This can make other activities easier and help keep you active. The belt keeps you securely strapped in while you use your upper body to get some much needed stretching and basic exercises in. It’s important to stay securely in your Bruno Stairlift as it is in motion to ensure optimal safety.


Bruno Stairlift: Staten Island Dealer Near You

If you or someone you know has limited mobility and requires assistance going up or down stairs, you may want to consider the most convenient Bruno Stairlift Staten Island has to offer. Dermer Stairlifts provides its customers with the support and service they need to stay healthy and independent. Contact us today at (866) 454-3896