An Outdoor Stairlift for Warmer Spring Weather Ahead

Warmer spring weather is ahead and an outdoor stairlift may be a good investment for a senior or wheelchair-bound loved one in your home. The northeast saw some of the worst winter weather in history this year, almost all of the country suffered brutal conditions such as snow and biting temperatures. However, the first birds of spring are beginning to chirp their song, and the chill will soon be far behind us.

An outdoor starlift may help the wheelchair-bound enjoy the outdoors this spring. Many seniors have been afraid to venture out of their homes this past winter. Attempting to navigate a flight of stairs with a slippery surface binding them is a dangerous feat for even the healthiest and strongest of individuals. Since many seniors have been cooped up for a large portion of the winter, they are ready to get out, and an outdoor stairlift can provide them with the mobility and safety that they need to maneuver potentially dangerous stairs.

Understanding Platform Stairlifts

A platform stairlift can be placed inside or outside a home. In addition, an outdoor stairlift is usually made from slightly different material making it more conducive for outdoor use. Fortunately, an outdoor stairlift can be fashioned in a variety of ways to ensure that no matter what the setup of the outdoor space is, seniors and those that are mobility challenged can get around. For example, some people may need to navigate a winding porch, and others will have just a few steps to go down. Whatever the case may be, a platform stairlift can help make the trip up and down stairs a non-issue for those mobility challenged.

Growing old is a delight for some people as they finally have plenty of time off for work, and they get to enjoy many treasured moments with their loved ones. However, they also sometimes have to miss out because of their age and limited physical mobility. When a platform stairlift is installed outside, however, they can easily venture outdoors to enjoy barbecues and other events with their family and friends. When everyone gathers to take pictures of granddaughter before the prom, Grandma and Grandpa don’t have to miss it.

An Outdoor Stairlift for an Active Lifestyle

Feeling trapped in one’s own body is a terrible feeling that, unfortunately, some people that are mobility challenged have to endure. When they are unable to safely walk down a flight of stairs, they may feel confined to one floor of the house or even to a room. Fortunately, when they are able to a platform stairlift installed at the house, they can return to the life that they once lived. If, for example, they want to go outside to garden, they can use the outdoor stairlift to get down into the backyard.

Increased Freedom

Going hand-in-hand with this idea of increased mobility is also the sense of increased freedom. Of course, they now have more freedom to move about as they please, and as a result, they can feel freer in their minds. Remaining captive in a house can make people start to feel mentally trapped. Also, other family members can put their minds at ease a bit more now. While they will still likely worry about their elderly relatives or those family members that may be mobility challenged, they do not have to fear their loved one falling down a flight of stairs. They can be at ease knowing that the platform stairlift is now installed.

If you or someone you know is mobility challenged and/or is currently using a wheelchair to get around perhaps you should share the good news of increased independence with a Dermer Stairlift! Dermer Stairlifts offer a variety of products made to make your life easier. Call us at (516) 241-2626 or fill out an online contact form to schedule your FREE home estimate today. Spring is right around the corner!