Tips for Making a Home Safer For Seniors

You want your home to be as safe as possible. This is especially true if a senior is living in the house. Your neighborhood New York stairlifts dealer, Dermer Starlifts has some useful tips for you. Because a typical home contains many different hazards that could cause problems, taking appropriate measures to counter these common dangers is essential. You can do a few things to make your home safer for seniors.

Remove the Chance of Slipping On Stairs With Help From Your New York Stairlifts Dealer, Dermer Stairlifts.

Falling down the stairs can lead to broken bones and other serious injuries. Reduce the chance of slipping on stairs by placing non-skid mats on interior and exterior steps. A more effective idea is to install a motorized stairlift in the home. A New York stairlifts dealer can provide a system that will accommodate any type of stairwell. This includes curved stairs and outdoor stairs.

Install a Medical Alert System

The first tip is to install a medical alert system in the house. These systems allow the person in the home to wear a small pendant or bracelet. The bracelet wirelessly communicates with a central device similar to a phone. If an emergency occurs, then pressing a button on the pendant will immediately contact a monitoring service for help. This can make seniors much safer and independent every day.

Make Bathrooms Safer

Examine the bathroom and place non-skid mats on surfaces in front of sinks, tubs and toilets. Replace an existing tub or shower with one that has zero clearance. This means there is no change in elevation between the shower floor and the floor in the bathroom so that it becomes unnecessary to balance on one foot while stepping in and out of the tub. Mount grab bars in key areas in showers, beside toilets and on the walls.

Add Extra Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Poor lighting can be incredibly dangerous. It can lead to slips, falls and other accidents. Add extra indoor and outdoor lighting. Consider placing lights with occupancy sensors around stairwells, in hallways and in bathrooms and kitchens. Occupancy sensors automatically turn the light one when someone comes into the room. Place bright lights outside over doors and driveways. Even solar path lights along walkways and outdoor stairs can make a real difference.

Low Water Heater Temperatures

Any number of issues can cause scalding water to pour out of faucets or showerheads. You can prevent this by lowering the temperature of the water heater in the home. It should be turned down to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is warm enough to be very comfortable but not hot enough to cause serious burns.

Get a Home Security and Automation System

A home security and automation system may also be very useful. This will protect the home against burglars, vandals and other criminals. An added benefit is that a security system with automation components will allow seniors to use a wireless remote or mobile device to control settings such as lights, the thermostat and some appliances without having to walk through the home.

Replace or Repair Damaged Carpets or Flooring Immediately

A hazard that can go unnoticed is damaged carpets or flooring. Frayed carpets or uneven floorboards can both cause a serious fall when least expected. The problem will only get worse if the damage is not addressed immediately. Replace or repair any damage to the floor so that the surface is smooth and even. This will reduce the chance of slips and falls while just walking around.

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