Give the Gift of Independence With A Stairlift

A person unable to negotiate stairs can feel limited. Relegated to one floor of their home, their activities can be restricted. They may have to rely on other people to obtain or do things for them on another floor. Losing mobility means a loss of independence. A stair lift has the power to change this. It can totally transform a person’s life. Contacting a trusted stairlift dealer in New York can help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

The Hazards of Stairs

A survey of 310 elders conducted by the National Institutes of Health revealed that about 50% had difficulty climbing stairs. Such difficulty was associated with arthritis, hypertension, and depression. Poor grip strength and balance were additional contributing factors. Within the same group, 27% had trouble descending stairs and incurred more falls. Both going up and down stairs were impeded by poor leg circulation, neurologic pathology, and slow gait.1/

In another study of adults in an assisted living facility, negotiating stairs was among the top five tasks rated as being most difficult.

Falling on stairs accounts for over 10% of fatal fall accidents.

The Stair Lift Solution

A stair lift is a mechanical system that carries a person up and down stairs. It consists of a track system mounted to stairs, running the length of the staircase. A chair carrying an individual glides along the rail, operated by a control on the unit.

A stair lift enables safe transport along stairs and reduces the risk of falls. It restores a sense of independence and imparts a feeling of freedom. It can eliminate the need to move to a single-level home or residential facility. It enables a person to remain in the home they love.

Types of Stair Lifts

There are four primary types of stair lifts:
• straight rail
• curved rail
• outdoor
• platform

Straight Rail Stair Lift – This is the most commonly used stair lift in private homes. It accommodates straight stairs with a track attached to the steps.

Curved Rail Stair Lift – Accommodating a curved staircase, this lift requires careful measurement and manufacture. The system consists of separate tracks that follow the curve of the stairs.

Outdoor Stair Lift – This is a weatherproof lift designed for outdoor use.

Platform Lift – This lift is large enough to carry a wheelchair and occupant. It is typically installed outside the home or within public access buildings. It can also provide floor-to-floor access inside the home. Edge flaps are suspended from the platform, acting as ramps.


Bruno is a leader in the home accessibility industry. For 30 years, the company has been providing solutions to mobility challenges, using expert craftsmanship. Bruno is certified by ISO 9001, the internationally recognized standard, representing the highest quality. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has created this measure of quality to ensure customer satisfaction. With precision engineering and design, Bruno is the benchmark of excellence.

Dermer Stairlifts is pleased to serve you as a Certified Bruno Stair Lift Dealer.

The Elan

The Elan Stair Lift is a superb value. This is a straight rail stair lift with the following features:
• 300-lb weight capacity
• comfortable, height-adjustable seat
• fold-up arms, seat, and footrest for a slim profile, leaving ample stair space
• smooth operation, delivered by a rack-and-pinion drive system
• locking swivel seat provides easy exit on a landing
• an outlet and two 12-volt batteries give reliable performance, even in a power outage
• sensors automatically stop the unit when an obstruction is detected
• two wireless remote controls
• optional folding rail for a narrow hallway, with a choice of manual or automatic operation

* The Bruno Elan is an elegant, economic choice for a safe, sturdy stair lift.

The Elite

The Elite Stair Lift is fit for royalty. It is a straight rail lift which transports its passenger in style. Exquisitely designed, it has the following features:
• 400-lb weight capacity
• luxurious, cushioned seat, with adjustable arm rests and seat height
• fold-up footrest, arms, and seat leave ample stair space
• the smoothest ride you’ll find in a stair lift!
• locking swivel seat facilitates exit on a landing
• an outlet and two 12-volt batteries render solid performance, even during a power loss
• sensors stop the unit when met with an obstruction
• two wireless remote controls
• optional folding rail, with manual or power operation
• option of 7 upholstery choices to match your home decor
• commercial packages available

* For a ride like gliding on air, the Bruno Elite can’t be beat!

Curved Rail Stair Lift

A Curved Rail Stair Lift is tailored to the dimensions of your curving staircase. The unit anchors to the stairs rather than the wall. No change to your staircase is needed. A sophisticated camera and reflective targets capture the unique character of your stairway. Precise measurements ensure your stair lift is a perfect fit. Curved rail stair lifts have the following design:
• 400-lb weight capacity
• large, cushioned seat, with adjustable arm rests and seat height
• flip-up footrest, arms, and seat leave ample space for stair use
• smooth, secure ride
• locking swivel seat for safe exit on a landing
• an outlet and two 12-volt batteries provide continuous performance, even during a power outage
• sensors on footrest and carriage stop the unit when met by an obstruction
• two wireless remote controls
• armrest switch
• optional park positions at the top and bottom for out-of-the-way storage
• optional Park-and-Charge-Station for a staircase with a mid-landing
• option of 7 upholstery choices to match your home decor

* A Bruno Curved Rail Stair Lift accommodates the unique features of any curved stairway. It carries its passenger in comfort, with tender loving care.

Outdoor Elite

Eliminate the challenge of an exterior staircase with the Outdoor Elite. This stair lift provides reliable use in all types of weather. It will transport you from porch-to-yard or sidewalk-to-door. Its features are specifically designed for outdoor use, as follows:
• durable, powder-coat outdoor paint
• Marine-grade, comfy, vinyl seat cushions
• weather-tested for temperatures from 0ºF to 125ºF (-15ºC to 52ºC)
• weather-resistant cover
• 400-lb weight capacity
• fold-up arms, seat, and footrest create ample space for stair use
• easy entry and exit with a swivel seat
• seat arms raise to facilitate wheelchair transfers
• provides the smoothest ride of any outdoor lift, courtesy of rolling wheels
• an outlet and two 12-volt batteries ensure continuous use, even during a power glitch
• sensors stop the unit when met by an obstacle
• armrest switch, plus two wireless remote controls

* The Outdoor Elite has you covered for outside access to your house.

Vertical Platform Stair Lift

The Vertical Platform Stair Lift works like an elevator, accommodating scooters and wheelchairs. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It provides access to a raised deck, porch, patio, garage, motor home, or upper floor within the home. It is suited for both residential and commercial use. Weather-tested features are as follows:
• non-skid platform, measuring 3 x 4 feet
• automatic self-lowering, folding ramp, enabling easy entry/exit
• ramp folds up as a safety enclosure when platform is in motion
• spring-sensitive bottom shuts the unit off when met by an obstruction
• key-operated activation and weather-protected switches
• powder-coated, weather-resistant finish
• 750-lb lifting capacity

* The Vertical Platform Stair Lift is a versatile solution for indoor/outdoor wheelchair transport.

Your New York StairLift Dealer

Dermer Stairlifts is a Certified Bruno Stair Lift Dealer, serving all five boroughs of New York City, Westchester, and Nassau County. We have been in business for over 15 years, providing the best stair lift systems for indoor/outdoor use. Our professionally trained technicians and sales staff will cheerfully assist you from start to finish. We provide a free stair lift consultation, including a no-obligation estimate. Our 100% money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. Call us at (866) 454-3896 to schedule an appointment. We invite you to visit our Brooklyn Showroom to see our full selection. At Dermer Stairlifts, we take the stress out of buying a stair lift.

Give the gift of independence, a beautiful Bruno unit by Dermer Stairlifts.