5 Tech Products that Can Improve Senior Living

Technology is advancing and improving quickly and is starting to benefit seniors. New and improved technologies are allowing seniors to live happier, more convenient and more independent lives. Dermer Stairlifts is a trusted New York stairlift company who is devoted to making your house a home again by giving you your independence back. These are some of the tech products available today that can improve senior living.

Health and Fall Monitoring Sensors

A variety of health and fall monitoring sensors are now available that can improve the lives of seniors. These sensors can be worn like a necklace, placed in a pocket or worn around the wrist. Some sensors actually monitor things like the temperature and heart rate of the senior. Others contain motion-sensing technology that can detect when a senior has fallen and hit the ground. These devices usually connect to an emergency alert system that can contact loved ones or a monitoring service if a problem is detected.

Home Automation Systems

Another tech device that can make life easier and more enjoyable for seniors is a home automation system. These systems allow a senior to control everything from lights and appliances to door locks all through a wireless device. These systems make it unnecessary for seniors to take risks like walking around in the dark just because a light switch is too far away. They also allow seniors to do things like change the thermostat settings, lock the front door and adjust the lights all from one location.

Tablets or Touch Screen Laptops

Tablets or touch screen laptops can greatly improve senior living. These devices are simple to use. Seniors do not have to coordinate using a mouse and a keyboard. They are also portable. Tablets can be carried around anywhere. Seniors can use these devices to stay connected with friends and family. They also provide access to important information online about medications, bank accounts and utility bills. Tablets that have a camera installed can allow seniors to video conference with friends by just tapping the screen. Tablets can even be used to play games or watch movies for entertainment.

Medication Dispensers

Medication dispensing systems can ensure the safety of seniors and can make it easier to manage things during the day. These dispensing systems include timers that will alert seniors that it is time to take a particular medication. Some actually dispense the medication as well. This makes it simpler to keep track of multiple medications throughout the day. Seniors will not need to worry about whether a particular medication was taken on time. Medication dispensers allow seniors to enjoy other activities without constantly having to watch the clock.


Stairlifts can dramatically improve the lives of seniors. A stairlift is a chair attached to a rail that runs up and down a staircase. A motor moves the chair up and down the stairs along the rail. A stairlift can make it possible for seniors to live independently at home. They will be able to safely access the entire house. Stairlifts improve the mobility of seniors since they can be used even by a person in a wheelchair, which can change the life of any senior living at home.

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