Why Choose a Bruno Stairlift?

As one gets older, going up and down the stairs repeatedly starts becoming increasingly difficult. Moving out of your home shouldn’t be the only option that you have in order to live a normal and independent lifestyle. Another option is to get a stairlift installed in your home so that you will be able to enjoy your home to the fullest without the worry of living by yourself. Not only will your nerves be at ease but that of your family and loved ones as well. The motto at Dermer Stairlifts is to “Make Your House a Home Again”, which is the ultimate goal for the company.

Commonly Asked Questions

Making the decision about getting a stair lift installed should be an informed and researched one. There are a few misconceptions that people might have heard along the way which will be addressed in this article. The first misconception is that the chair track is mounted to the wall. In reality the chair is safely secured to the stairs and the track support brackets are securely mounted with screws. The carpet will not be damaged. Another misconception is that the chair lift will not work during a power shortage. In case of a power failure, power will be supplied by two 12 volt batteries that are sufficient for 6-8 more trips. Due to the stairlift running on 12 volt batteries, the chair uses minimal energy and therefore is very cost effective to run on a daily basis.

The chairlift is designed for quiet operation and is not apt to be bothersome to the neighbors. The chairlift seat, arms and footrest fold up out of the way. Foot traffic can proceed as normal. The height of the armrests, seat and footrest are adjustable, providing the utmost comfort.

There are some concerns at to what if the stairlift is at the other end of the stairs? Bruno Stairlifts offers two remote controls which allow the chairlift to be called as needed. If there is an obstruction on the stairway, the chairlift will be automatically stopped by sensors on the carriage and footrest.


A chairlift can often be installed on a straight stairway within 48 hours and a curved stairway may take longer because of the custom-made track. The type of stairway determines the price; a straight stairway usually reduces the price. A curved stairway raises the price, as more work is involved. Every stairway is different, and the track is custom-made to fit your stairway perfectly. To accomplish this, we need to measure your stairway. Models are available to fit any outdoor stairway. There is no cost or obligation to receive a free estimate.

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