The Dangers of Inactivity

It’s important to stay active in your senior years. Your health becomes more susceptible to issues as a result of inactivity. Even a small amount of physical activity each day can make a difference between having a happy experience in your senior years versus fighting medical problems that keep you from enjoying life.If Mobility in your home has become an issue, contact the Home Accessibility Experts at Dermer Stairlifts to see if installing a Stairlift could Improve the quality of your home life.

A Sluggish Heart

Regular physical activity keeps your heart healthy. Your heart is a muscle and like all of your muscles, exercise keeps it in good shape. Lack of activity causes the heart muscle to slow down, which decreases the blood flow through your body. This means less nutrients to your cells which causes them to slow down. Eventually, your entire body must fight a sluggish feeling.

It’s an unhealthy cycle because when you feel sluggish, you don’t feel like moving, which perpetuates the cycle. Just walking a few minutes each day will get your heart pumping strong again, and you’ll feel more energized.

Poor Circulation

Sitting for long periods causes blood to pool in your legs. Your heart pumps blood out to your body, but it relies on the movement of your legs to get that blood back into circulation. This pooled blood puts you at a higher risk of blood clots. Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT, is the result of blood clots in the veins deep in the muscles of your legs. If not treated, DVT can cause severe health issues and increase your risk of pulmonary embolism and stroke.

Lung and Breathing Issues

Physical movement encourages taking deep breaths in and out. This expands your lungs and removes all of the carbon dioxide taken out of your cells. When you’re inactive, you don’t get as much oxygen into your blood and the carbon dioxide builds up in your lungs. Both of these will make you feel tired and sluggish. Long-term inactivity can even let fluid build up in your lungs creating a risk of pneumonia.

Muscle Contraction

Over time, your muscles will actually shrink from disuse which makes it very difficult to stretch out your joints fully. As muscles contract, you’ll be unable to open your hands fully, or stretch your arms and legs. You may find it difficult to walk. Even your back muscles can contract making it hard to stand up straight.

Bone Loss

Your bones are made to support weight. They grow in response to your movement. Inactivity can result in loss of bone material which makes them brittle. You have a higher risk of fractures when this happens.

Remove the Obstacles to Being Active

Some seniors find that just moving around their home becomes difficult because of where furniture is located and the use of stairs. Easy home accessibility is important to encourage staying active. Have friends or family help move furniture so you have clear access through the house. Talk with a New York Stairlift Expert about options to help you navigate your stairs. Call Dermer Stairlifts at (866) 454-3896 to schedule a free in home, no pressure estimate. We serve Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Westchester County.

Just a few minutes of movement every day will keep your heart, lungs, muscles and bones in good shape. Don’t let a lack of activity shorten your senior years and take away from fully enjoying your life.