How to Create a Safe Home Environment with These Tips

Having a home environment that is safe is essential to the comfort of the people who are living in your space. If it is your responsibility to provide this safety to the people around you, here are a few tips from Dermer Stairlifts, a trusted New York stair lift dealer, to ensure that you have the safest home possible.

Safeguards against Slips, Trips, and Falls

If you have elderly people in your home, slips and falls are among the biggest reasons for injuries around the home. You can insure against slips and falls by securing all of your carpeting with side grips that will help to stabilize them even in heavy foot traffic. You may also want to install rug pads or carpet tape to help keep your rugs in place.

Hardwood floors are especially bad for elderly people. Consider replacing them with nonslip flooring, especially in your kitchens and in your bathrooms.

You should also make sure that the transitions between rooms are safe to step over. High door transition pieces that are loose or out of place can cause a great deal of hazard for elderly people.

Protection against Mishaps on the Stairs

The stairs are another place that are especially prone for accidents. Safeguard your steps by first ensuring that any carpeting on them has been secured by one of the methods mentioned above. Secondly, simply making sure that your staircases are put together well without any loose pieces is a great way to offset any potential danger.

Having proper handrails is also a great way to comfort any balancing issues. Make sure you have handrails that run the entire length of the staircase. Be sure that they are properly placed with enough surface area to give everyone a secure grip on them. Also make sure that they are fastened to the wall securely.

Do not put rugs at the top or the bottom of your staircases. This is essential to avoiding slips and falls near what could be a very dangerous area.

One of the best ways to completely negate any potential danger for elderly people in your home is to install a stair lift. A stair lift will keep people that do not have the best balance from having to worry about faulty construction, loose parts or rugs. Choose a stairlift company NY trusts and have a good stair lift installed in your home and for the absolute best in transportation protection.

Keeping People Safe around Hot Water

One aspect of growing older is that we naturally lose the ability to discern temperatures. Elderly people may actually suffer third-degree burns from a shower.

Reset the temperature of your hot water heater so that the heater will never output water that is above 118°F. You can also protect against scalding by making sure that all of the faucets in your house have specialized anti-scald devices.

How Dermer Stairlifts Can Help Secure Your Home

Making sure your or a loved one’s home is secure to live in is a high priority in order to rest easy. Speak to a trusted stair lift dealer for a free home estimate and to also discuss your different options as to what stairlift will be the right fit for your home whether it be a vertical platform lift or curved lift. Call (866) 454-3896 to schedule a free in home, no pressure estimate. We serve Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Westchester.