Enjoy the Outdoors with a Custom Outdoor Stairlifts

As winter comes to an end, people want to enjoy the warmer weather outside that they have been waiting for the past few months. Everyone deserves to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature, even if they have a hard time going up and down steps. If you live in the New York City, Nassau, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island or Westchester area, New York outdoor stair lifts has the solution to any mobility problems you might have that are keeping you from going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors.

Stair Lift services provide mobility to their customers offered by the Dermer Stair Lifts Company. Dermer Stair Lifts provide excellence in customer care whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor lifts or elevators. They offer Bruno stair lifts sales and service in the New York City area. We can offer advice as to whether you need a circular or vertical stair lift. We also make recommendations to your specific needs in elevators and stair lifts for your personalized needs. All of our models offer an automatic emergency stop feature for your safety and peace of mind.

For our most distinctive stair elevator model, choose the Elite model. The Elite model offers a compact unit with several exclusive designs to suit your individual needs. If you desire the best in, choose the Bruno Elite model.

We also offer circular stair or curved rail lifts for areas that do not lend themselves to stair lifts that go straight up and down. If you have landings or a curved staircase, this is the model for you. We want you to have the most convenient model for your home situation and can advise you as to which model will best suit your needs.

Contact Dermer Starlifts Your Trusted New York Stairlifts Dealer

Everyone deserves to be able to easily move both indoors and outdoors. New York stair lifts dealer offer excellent outdoor lifts to allow everyone the ability to enjoy the great outdoors, no matter what their mobility issues may be. We offer the vertical stair lift as well as the standard outdoor stair lift to suit your outdoor mobility needs. Both of these lifts make it safe for their customers to use outdoor steps no matter what the weather or temperature. A standard lift is different from a vertical lift in that a standard lift is used in straight stairways. It is more economical than the vertical stair lift. The vertical stair lift allows a person to drive their scooter on the lift to move from one place to the other. Both models offer protection from the weather.

Whether you are young or old, you deserve to keep your independence by moving around freely. Contact Dermer Stair Lifts today at (866) 454-3896 or stop by our showroom to see our lifts. We offer free in home estimates. Our 15 years of experience will help you keep moving and keep your independence by providing you with just the right lift for your life.