Stairlift Gives Crohn’s Disease Teen Independence

If you’ve ever wondered how technology like stairlifts can change people’s lives and produce life-changing miracles for those in need, here is a wonderful example exposed in this heartwarming story. Contact a NYC Stairlifts dealer with any questions or concerns you might have regarding installation or types of stairlift options.

A stairlift has given 16 year old Joshua Fox his life back again. Joshua has been struggling with Crohn’s disease for over 14 years. Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation of the lining, and sometimes other areas, of your digestive tract. This is an incurable illness that causes many aches and pains in the joints and can sometimes be debilitating and can also lead to malnutrition causing other issues.

Joshua has severe pains with each movement he makes, making it a painful challenge to do simple tasks such as going up or down stairs. Joshua has not been able to eat by himself for several years and has to be fed by TPN (total parenteral nutrition) due to his Crohn’s disease. Therefore, he has also had to pack machinery and a bag up and down the stairs with him.

After 14 long awaited years, Joshua’s life changed within a week when he and his family got a life changing call from a stairlift manufacturer. The manufacturer was supporting all children’s hospices in the area by donating refurbished stairlifts to families in need. Thanks to this technology, Joshua now has his freedom back and can interact with his family much more than he has been able to in years. Joshua can glide up and down his stairs with ease without a lot of the pain he experienced before and he is no longer confined to his room due to his illness.

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Stairlifts not only change the lives of the elderly, but have also changed the lives of many suffering from a broad range of illnesses that impair mobility, including children. This addition to their home can make their lives so much easier physically and emotionally by dramatically improving their mobility. Would someone you know or a loved one in your family benefit from a stairlift?

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