Stairlifts: Questions and Misconceptions

High-quality New York stairlifts make life easier, and even happier, for many people with mobility issues. Still, for some reason, these products are subject to stubborn misconceptions. There are many benefits to installing a stairlift in your house.

1) Stairlift installations are quick and simple.

A stairlift is specifically created for the home in which it’s installed. First, a NYC stair lift dealer will come to your home, inspect your steps, take measurements, and give you a free estimate. Once you order your lift, expect to wait no longer than two weeks if you have straight stairs, and no longer than six weeks with a curved stairwell. This process can be hastened, too, if you need your lift as soon as possible. And when the product arrives at your house, it will be all ready for installation, a process that shouldn’t exceed two hours. The rail goes in first, the motor next, and the seat last. Your NYC stair lift dealer will carefully test the device, and then demonstrate how it works and answer any questions you might have.

2) Stairlifts are completely safe.

There’s no danger of falling. Seat belts are included for extra precaution and to ease any worries or concerns users might have. Additionally, a stairlift is attached to a track running the length of a stairwell; that track is screwed into the steps themselves. Contrary to popular belief, stairlifts and platforms are never screwed into the wall.

3) Installing a stairlift does no damage.

Since they’re not fitted into walls, stairlifts do no structural damage to homes whatsoever. In fact, these lifts don’t even damage the carpets on stairs. Further, many stairlifts can be quickly folded up when not being used, which means the people in your home who don’t use the lift can easily use the stairs as usual. Indeed, industry regulations forbid stairlifts from getting in the way of people who climb stairs on foot.

4) Using a stairlift is a pleasant experience.

To ride a stairlift, all you have to do is sit down on the swivel seat — the armrests lift and lower, expediting transferals from wheelchairs — fasten your belt, and lightly press a switch located on one of the armrests. Then enjoy the ride! You can be sure that the trip will be quiet, slow, and smooth. If the power goes out, there’s a backup battery system. If something’s blocking the chair’s path, the machine’s sensors will stop the chair so that the object or pet can be removed. Best of all, the entire apparatus is low-voltage and inexpensive to power.

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