Indoor Stairlifts: The Elite, Elan & Curved Stairlift

There are many situations in which it can be beneficial to have a stairlift in one’s home. Generally, stairlifts are installed when a person residing within the home suffers from limited mobility. Either they have a difficult time getting around or they are confined to a wheelchair, power scooter, or similar device. In some cases, the costs of such a stairlift may even be covered by a person’s medical insurance. Otherwise, there are affordable options and payment plans that can be worked out with most stairlift installation companies as a way of making these readily available to anybody who may need them.

There are three main types of indoor stairlifts available at Dermer Stairlifts. These include the traditional indoor lift, the vertical lift, and the curved lift. All of these function in different ways but serve the ultimate purpose of making it possible for those with mobility constraints to live a normal life within their own homes.

Traditional Elan Indoor Lift

For indoor staircases that are straight up and down with no curvature throughout, the Elan model may be ideal. This lift, available from Bruno, consists of a track that runs along the wall side of the staircase itself. A chair can then attach to the track and buttons can be used to gently bring the chair up or down the stairs with minimal effort.

Sophisticated Elite Indoor Lift

For those looking for something that is a little more compact and blends in better with the home’s decor, then the Elite model may be the best choice. This particular model is also designed for straight up and down staircases, but is more compact, has an elegant design, and delivers a higher level of performance than the standard Elan model.

Between the Elan and Elite stairlift options, both are an excellent means to get from one floor in a home to the next.

Curved Stairlift

Of course, not all indoor staircases go straight up and down. Many have curvature to them, which can further complicate the stairlift installation process. Fortunately, it is possible to find custom stairlifts that can be specifically designed for a curved staircase, eliminating the need to install a more expensive elevator lift or modifying the existing staircase.

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Regardless of the particular type of stairlift one may be looking for, it is important to choose a quality New York stairlift dealer who will work with all of one’s unique needs. Dermer Stairlifts has been providing NYC with reliable service for over 15 years. They are a certified Bruno stair lifts dealer. If you’re looking to change your life by installing a stair lift in your home, contact Dermer Stairlifts at (866) 454-3896. Make Your House a Home Again.