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If going up and down the stairs is becoming exhausting or painful, or is actually impossible ,then it may be time to consider investing in a stairlift. Dermer Stairlifts, a Long Island, Westchester and New York City’s leading stairlifts dealer, can provide the ideal product to suit your specific needs and budgets.


This affordable and comfortable stairlift is an excellent choice for those looking for a smooth ride up and down a straight staircase. With the ability to hold up to 300 pounds, the Elan can move at a steady pace of 20 feet per minute. For safety, the lift has a dual braking system along with sensors to stop the lift when obstructions are present.


Designed for a straight staircase, the Elite is one of the top models available. Although this lift is ultra-compact, it can hold up to 400 pounds and still travel 25 feet per minute. It also features on board audio and visual diagnostics to provide optimal performance. For convenience of entering and exiting, the lift also has a locking offset swivel seat.


Customized to fit curved staircases, this lift sits just 7 inches from the wall. It provides a smooth and stable ride and features an offset swivel seat for convenience. This lift also has onboard audio and visual diagnostics along with 2 wireless call and send controllers. Moreover, storage is made easy with its simple flip up arms, footrest and seat.


This high quality lift makes going up and down outdoor steps possible and safe, regardless of the weather. It holds a capacity of 400 pounds and can be adjusted to travel from 25-32 feet per minute depending on the person’s preference. The lift is built with urethane wheels and powered by pinion and rack movement, which helps to provide an exceptionally smooth ride.

Vertical Platform Lift

This lift makes it possible for those in wheelchairs and scooters to easily get around outdoors. It is built to provide smooth, straight up and down access to a variety of surface landings and holds up to 750 pounds. The lift features an automatic self-lowering ramp, safety switches, a non-skid platform, as well as sensors to detect obstructions below the lift.

These exceptional stairlifts can be bought through NYC stairlifts dealer Dermer Stairlifts, who has showroom locations in Brooklyn and Queens.

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