Make your house a real home again with Dermer Stairlifts

Home sweet home. There’s no place like home. Home is where the heart is. No matter how it’s said, home is an essential part in every ones  lives. Its in homes where memories are made, families are built and life takes on meaning. A home is where lives take place and comfort and security exist.

On the other hand, a house can be simply a structure, someplace to reside but not really connect to. When people lose their mobility, what had been a home feels more and more like a obstacle course, the stairs being the main obstacle. Bruno Stairlifts have the power to change a house back into a home by providing freedom and flexibility to go up and down stairs again.

Freedom with Stairlifts

Losing mobility may mean losing the ability to use stairs in a home to access second floors, basement s, living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, kitchens  or decks and patios outdoors. The inability to use stairs locks someone into a smaller space denying them freedom of movement around their home. Depending on the design of the house, it may confine someone to their bed and bathroom and deprive them of access to the rest of their house, making them dependent on home health aides or family members.

Bruno Stairlifts provide freedom by providing access to these other places, rooms and areas of a home someone may need like their kitchen and living room. Imagine the freedom to move outside to a deck to watch the sunrise when previously, a person with limited mobility could only watch through a window.


Bruno Stairlifts provide flexibility in a home as well, adapting to existing architecture and floor plans. A homeowner won’t have to remodel extensively to add a stairlift. Bruno Stairlifts can also help a family set a more flexible schedule at home as well. Family members with limited mobility have more flexibility to set their own schedules because Bruno Stairlifts help them move around on their own.

A home should be the place where someone feels most comfortable and most secure. But limited mobility can rob someone of that sense of security, turning a beloved home into a place of confinement.

To learn more about how Bruno Stairlifts can provide freedom and flexibility in a home, contact Dermer Stairlifts today. Call us at 516-241-2629 to schedule for a free in home, no obligation consultation. We also offer free installation of all of our stairlift models, indoor and outdoor.